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-The Oyster Factory Experience-

Oyster Factory is an innovative culinary experience that spices up your private or business events and brings to your guests a liveliness both unique and unexpected. With their original charm our Oyster Hosts and Hostesses come to you equipped with their buckets around their waists, preparing and serving you the finest French oysters, accompanied by our Champagne and Vodka based dressings.

Each event is unique and it is essential to us to respond with great care to your expectations, bringing along a customized service for your needs.

-Champagne & Oysters-

Our CHAMPAGNE hosts and hostesses can also accompany our Oyster Hosts and Hostesses to give to your guests the best champagne and oyster pairings. The delicacy of one enhances the unique and salty taste of the other. A true pleasure for your palate.


-Our references-